Plugin “Get as PDF”

This a very simple plugin that leverages on rst2pdf to get a PDF version of a page.

It registers a new extra_page_action view in the dropdown menu as “Get as PDF”. For obvious reasons, it only appears in reStructuredText pages.

Get it working on python 3

rst2pdf is a python2 software, so if we are running Waliki with python3 is not possible to run rst2pdf inside the virtualenv. To get it working you simply have to install rst2pdf as an OS package (apt-get install rst2pdf or pacman -S python2-rst2pdf) and then add WALIKI_PDF_RST2PDF_BIN to your waliki settings file detailing the rst2pdf binary path. For example:



It should be trivial to write new plugins that add support to other converter tools like any rst2* or Pandoc to convert from markdown.