Waliki follows a convention over configuration paradigm, defining sensible defaults for every constant.

You can override any settings in your project’s file


Waliki’s content path. By default it’s <project_root>/waliki_data

You can set it to an absolute path. Ensure the path exists and it’s writable from your web server


The slug of the index page. Default is home


The tuple of permissions given to not authenticated users. Default is ('view_page',) Check The access control system for further details. If there is no change_page permission, the anonymous user is redirected to the login page when try to edit the page.


The tuple of permissions given to any authenticated user. Default is ('view_page', 'add_page', 'change_page'). Check The access control system for further details.


A list tha define the enabled markups. Default is ['reStructuredText', 'Markdown']. Available markups are reStructuredText, Markdown and Textile


The default markup for new pages. Default WALIKI_AVAILABLE_MARKUPS[0]


Pattern used in urls to match any page related view, wich is also de filename of the file that store the page content. Default is '[a-zA-Z0-9-_\/]+'.


String pointing to a callable that receive a text and return and slug. Default 'waliki.utils.get_slug'

If you override it, ensure that your_get_slug(any_valid_slug) == any_valid_slug


New in version 0.6.

String pointing to a callable that receive html and return and return a sanitized version of it. Default 'waliki.utils.sanitize', which just removes <script> tags.

You can define a more sofisticated version using bleach or lxml’s Cleaner


Dictionary of keywords arguments to extend or override the ones passed for each markup class. By default, this is the dictionary used

{'reStructuredText': {
    # check
    'settings_overrides': {
        'initial_header_level': 2,
        'record_dependencies': True,
        'stylesheet_path': None,
        'link_stylesheet': True,
        'syntax_highlight': 'short',
        'halt_level': 5,
    'writer': WalikiHTML5Writer(),
    'writer_name': 'html5',
'Markdown': {
        'extensions': ['wikilinks', 'headerid'],
        'extension_configs': {
            'wikilinks': {'build_url': get_url},
            'headerid': {'level': 2},

New in version 0.6.

If True, show a breadcrumbs with links to “parent” pages. Default is False


Apply if PDF plugin is installed.

As the title is not part of the file content but stored in the database, it should be given to rst2pdf. Default is False


Apply if PDF plugin is installed.

A custom binary path to rst2pdf. E.g. ‘/usr/bin/rst2pdf’


A dictionary (converted to json) used to configure Codemirror. The default is:

{'theme': 'mbo', 'autofocus': True, 'lineNumbers': True}

If True, raise an HTTP 403 (Forbidden error) if an authenticated user is not allowed to edit a page. Default is True.


The numbers of items per page in paginated lists, for example “what changed”. Default is 20.


If The “Git” backend is enabled and anonymous editios allowed, this is the git’s committer email used. Default is


Analog to WALIKI_COMMITTER_EMAIL. Default is Waliki


The maximum expiration time for a page cache, in seconds. Default is 60*60*24 (i.e. 1 day)


If Plugin “Attachments” is enabled, this is the path where uploaded files are stored.

By default it’s <project_root>/waliki_attachments. Ensure the path exists and it’s writable by your web server.


The pattern used in the path relative to WALIKI_ATTACHMENTS_DIR to store uploaded files. It’s interpolated with the following dictionary:

    'page_id': getattr(, 'id', ''),
    'filename': filename,
    'filename_extension': os.path.splitext(filename)[1]}

Default is ``'%(slug)s/%(filename)s'``

List of string poiting to modules with register_directive() function that register extra reStructuredText Directives. Default is ['waliki.directives.embed']

Check as an example.


List of string poiting to reStructuredText extra Transforms classes to be applied

Check as an example.

Default is ['waliki.directives.transforms.Emojis']


If True, load Mathjax’s assets from the official CDN service Default is False. Check the faq for details.